Poway, CA (August 2, 2018) – BMS is pleased to announce the release of the STS-E bi-directional wireless datalink system – the end-to-end solution providing reliable, high-quality, full-duplex IP data links for challenging operating environments.  This system is designed for use in long-range airborne platforms – manned and un-manned, commercial applications, ground vehicles, and ground stations.

The STS-E full duplex transceiver delivers:

  • Robust COFDM modulation, protected by forward error correction (FEC), perfect for multipath environments
  • Full duplex Ethernet up to 25 Mb/s
  • A wide dynamic range needed for mobile microwave links
  • Migration to preferred IP architectures
  • A small and compact design, less than 25 oz. (0.71 Kg) and 34 In3 (557 cm3)
  • IP 67 environmental ingress protection
  • Operation in S-band (2.0-2.5 GHz) and C-band* (4.4-5.0 GHz), license required (*6.425-6.525 GHz future development)
  • Variable RF output up to 2 watts
  • Two-way diversity reception
  • A design that meets FCC and CE requirements

When combined with the BMS BMA-7100 Tracking Antenna System, the STS-E duplex data radio is an economical and high-quality commercial alternative to bespoke ITAR digital data links.

The BMA-7100/7200 Antenna Positioner provides:

  • A continuous rotating pedestal
  • A 300 lb. capacity handles large aperture reflectors with ease
  • Dual harmonic drives provide industry-leading speed, pointing accuracy, and repeatability.
  • Full Ethernet control with intuitive software GUI
  • GPS, RF or dual mode tracking options

See the product specifications and photos at www.bms-inc.com.

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