There is an ever increasing requirement for robust air-to-ground video and data downlink applications. These are being sought after by the military, special operations, law enforcement, border enforcement communities, and industry. BMS is at the forefront of the design and manufacture of microwave surveillance equipment that can be specifically utilized by fixed wing, rotary wing, and UAV platforms to transmit and receive video, data and telemetry signals. Our equipment is small, robust and designed to last for these types of missions that do not require immediate human physical intervention. Situational awareness is initiated, maintained and designed to make smarter decisions in high risk operations.

Long range aircraft require long-range communications. 100nm+ data downlinks are often required. BMS provides aircraft and ground communication systems and antennas to meet these unique mission needs.

Not every aircraft platform has the luxury of a large payload capacity. When every ounce counts, BMS is there with a solution to meet your data needs.

While UAVs have taken over above the battlefield, UGVs have found their own niche. When safety precludes sending in a manned presence, the first call is for a robotic explorer. BMS makes communication systems for all types of situations.

ISR Solutions