BMS transmitters and receivers enable wireless, real-time camera control and footage review, and its fixed receive sites and airborne downlinks/relays work together to create robust, long-range ENG transmission networks.

How do you earn the name “The Downlink Experts”?

A decade of experience developing COFDM airborne video downlinks does not hurt. Four generations of industry-leading technology helps. But what is the real key to being “The Downlink Experts”? Listening to your customers.

News doesn’t happen where it’s convenient. When and where it does happen, the link has to work.

Wireless camera controls from BMS enable precise remote operation to maintain image quality.

Border security entails covering large expanses of land across undeveloped areas, which means that a powerful video downlink is essential.

With wireless Video Assist solutions from BMS, waiting for dailies is over.

Broadcast Solutions