BMS Tracking Antennas provide easy, rapid deployment and reliable operation with superior data link distance.

BMS systems cover L to Ku-band in single and multi-band configurations and can leverage GPS and psuedo-monopulse tracking technologies to ensure manned and unmanned aircraft are acquired and locked on to in the most challenging environments.

Tracking systems are available with full transmit and receive capability and can be configured with built-in RF and GPS tracking capability. Products are offered with broad frequency coverage for enhanced tactical options, and all designs utilize a common  control interface for training and operational efficiency.

Government Surveillance & Defense Tracking Antenna Solutions
GTA-TTA Series Tracking Antennas

GTA/TTA Tracking Antennas

The GTA family features highly portable, multi-axis, multi-band tracking antennas for use with customer-supplied receivers. They can be deployed on a tripod or mounted on a mast and can be integrated with TTA series products for transmit capability.

BMA Series Tracking Antennas

BMA Tracking Antennas

The BMA series provides a high-gain, single frequency, dual-axis tracking system and is available for L-band and C-band links. It can be mounted on a medium duty tripod or installed on a vehicle to provide portable tracking of manned or unmanned aircraft.

TAS Series Tracking Antennas

TAS Tracking Antennas

BMS TAS Tracking Antennas are developed to support the latest ISR and UAV applications, and ensure rapid deployment and operation with superior data link distance and tracking solutions.

COFDM Airborne and Fixed Site Receiver-Antenna Systems

COFDM Receiver/Antenna Systems

Advanced aerial and terrestrial datalinks feature a direct drive positioner, selectable polarization and automatic gain control and tracking to maximize RSL for real-time transmission of video, telemetry and data from airborne platforms.

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