The GTA series is for use with customer-supplied receivers and features highly portable, multi-axis, multi-band tracking antennas that can be integrated with TTA series products for transmit capability. The GTA family is a highly portable, fully automatic, rugged tracking antenna system that can be deployed on a tripod or mounted on a variety of masts.

The GTA series continuously tracks 360° in azimuth and includes a second “look-up” antenna for use when the target aircraft is at close range or overhead. Like all BMS Tracking Antenna systems, the GTA/TTA series shares common interface features with the BMA and TAS Tracking Antennas, and utilizes BMS’ Multi-Control Point application software for monitoring and control functionality.

The GTA/TTA series antennas are easy to operate and require minimum operator intervention.

Receive Tracking Antenna Transmit Tracking Antenna L-Band 1710 – 1850 MHz S-Band 2200 – 2500 MHz C-Band 4400 – 5850 MHz