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BMS’ proven video and data downlink equipment provided the wireless backbone for all departments and agencies utilizing the Tampa PD core system

SAN DIEGO, CA., 16 FEB 2021; Super Bowl LV posed many unique challenges including being held during a global pandemic, limited audience, scaled down events as well as the game being held in the home city of one of the participating teams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a first ever in Super Bowl history. Tampa PD was tasked with providing the airborne surveillance video and data downlink for all law enforcement, US Government and local agencies for the Superbowl in a shared system. These multi-jurisdictional agencies had an array of deployed assets including airborne fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, drones, maritime boats off of the coast and various ground-based vehicles deployed all over the surrounding area to ensure the safety of the city the citizens and property.

BMS equipment was at the heart of this system. BMS provided the airborne transmitters, controllers, antennas, mobile and ground receive sites. At the center of this was the Tampa PD Air Support Operations Center (ASOC) where all active video was sent for monitoring and thereby insuring there were no issues that would either affect the actual event. It was a strong coordinated effort that demanded 24/7 situational awareness and the BMS equipment performed flawlessly. “It was great to see the system working as it should, providing multiple agencies with real time video information that allows them to make critical decisions in real time.” stated Harry Davoody, CEO of BMS. “We are honored to have built a long-term relationship with the Tampa PD over the years and look forward to serving their needs in the future, making them a model Police Department in the nation.”

The original BMS system was deployed during the Republican National Convention held in 2012 in Tampa. Since that time, Tampa PD has been continually used and expanded the system adding assets and integrating information sharing with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s and the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection Agency. Immediately following the big game, the system was actively monitoring events as the home team won and there was significant public activity in the streets. On Wednesday following the game Tampa PD was once again provided public safety as the City of Tampa hosted a boat parade through the local waterway near downtown with hundreds of boats and thousands of celebrating fans. Once again, the robust BMS system met the challenge.

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BMS designs and manufactures products for capturing and distributing live full motion video via wireless communication. BMS designs and builds its products in California and is a trusted supplier to agencies, globally. Products include long range digital transmitters, receivers, tracking antenna systems and accessories. BMS systems are fully encrypted keeping content secure and are designed for optimum performance in challenging multi-path RF environments. Data911 is a BMS product line providing mobile hardware and software solutions serving Public Safety, federal agencies, and commercial fleets. With 38 years of development, design and manufacturing experience, these products and solutions are designed to keep field operators informed, efficient and safe.

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