BMS long range equipment being deployed to help secure borders and increase security via airborne video and data

Broadcast Microwave Services, LLC

SAN DIEGO, CA. 11 MAR 2021; Broadcast Microwave Services, LLC (BMS) has completed the installation, testing and acceptance of its latest Airborne Video Datalink (AVDL) system to a Middle East customer. In mid-2020, BMS was awarded this contract. With the help of its local in-country partner, BMS manufactured, shipped, installed, flight tested, and trained the Middle East Air Force customer to enhance its ISR capability. In partnering with a local engineering and support company, BMS strengthens this Air Force’s ability at self-sufficiency and efficiency. By teaming with the end-user and a local support contractor to manage the program, hardware and software components, as well as the maintenance, BMS’s partnership provides our customer’s expansion of its BMS provided Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities.

Under this contract, BMS outfitted additional Air Force aircraft with the BMS industry standard Airborne Video Datalink System (AVDL) system. This new equipment had been integrated seamlessly with the existing ISR ground receive elements and datalinks previously provided by BMS under a separate contract. This new capability will allow our customer to broaden the reach of his video coverage of the country and display the live feed video to more than 10 different locations within the country. Additionally, BMS will provide 5 years of in-country technical support to the user. BMS will partner with one of leading providers of technical maintenance support in the host country.

“BMS is pleased that our localized partnership with the end-user and our local support contractor has provided this expanded capability. BMS’ Team provided this capability within 215 days of contract start to system acceptance. We look forward to supporting our equipment with our local partner” said Harry Davoody, CEO of Broadcast Microwave Services. “BMS is grateful that our customers believe in our products, our ongoing support, and our ability to enhance their systems over time. The true acknowledgement of the strength of BMS is in our long-term relationships and partnerships such as these.”

About Broadcast Microwave Services

BMS designs and manufactures products for capturing and distributing live full motion video via wireless communication. BMS designs and builds its products in California and is a trusted supplier to agencies, globally. Products include long range digital transmitters, receivers, tracking antenna systems and accessories. BMS systems are fully encrypted keeping content secure and are designed for optimum performance in challenging multi-path RF environments. Data911 is a BMS product line providing mobile hardware and software solutions serving Public Safety, federal agencies, and commercial fleets. With 38 years of development, design and manufacturing experience, these products and solutions are designed to keep field operators informed, efficient and safe.

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