Long Range UAVs

The era of manned aerial surveillance has ended with the advent of long-range UAVs.  Removing the pilot from the aircraft means that a powerful and reliable video link is mission-critical.  With over 10 years of experience with civilian digital downlinks and over 7 years of experience providing video and data links to multiple players in the UAV industry, BMS has a solution for aerial platforms large and small.

The increased payload availability, flight time and power budget of large UAV platforms make incorporating a downlink easy.  However, BMS knows that every ounce and inch counts on long-range missions, and its downlink solutions don’t require such accommodation.  The Heli-Coder 4 (HC4) COFDM Downlink Transmitter from BMS weighs less than 6 lbs., and has a total volume of 270 cubic inches (5” x 9” x 6”).

UAVs Long Range
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The MTD-4 Digital Tracking Antenna offers an excellent ground receive companion to the HC4.  Quick to assemble and set up and easily man-portable, the MTD-4 utilizes GPS technology to ensure that the best possible performance from a single receive antenna.  The robust and field-proven technology behind the MTD-4 allows for a 50+ mile operating radius, given suitable line-of-sight and environmental conditions.


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