Many agencies use laptops or tablets as their mobile data solution, only to find that the potential benefits of mobility are negated by a lack of ergonomics, cabin safety, and oftentimes, user adoption. To address this specific situation, Data911 developed the Multi-Function Display Interface (MDI), an effective way to upgrade existing mobile hardware.

The MDI connects our sunlight-visible, rugged touch screen LED displays to virtually any laptop, tablet or mobile device with a USB port. Your mobile device serves as the CPU for a system featuring a dash-mounted Data911 touch screen display, rugged detachable backlit keyboard (if necessary), and a 12-volt power supply, which is integrated into the MDI and comes with management software to minimize draw on the vehicle battery and ensure data integrity by shutting down the system safely. The result is a comprehensive solution with immediate ergonomic, safety and usability benefits.

Additional Features:

The MDI unit is hot-dockable which means your laptop or tablet does not need to be powered off before enabling or disabling the display.

Any laptop can be configured to provide touch screen functionality via the Data911 display, regardless of whether the laptop is touch screen equipped.

A single USB cable connects the host device and the MDI.

The compact MDI unit can be mounted virtually anywhere – in the glove compartment or center console, under a seat or in the trunk.

MDI Dimensions: 1-1/8 in high, 7-1/4 in wide, 3 in deep

Multi-Function Display Interface (MDI)