TAS Series Tracking Antennas

The TAS series are a rugged and versatile family of tracking antenna solutions for challenging operations.

BMS TAS Tracking Antennas are developed to support the latest ISR and UAV applications and to ensure easy, rapid deployment and operation with superior data link distance and tracking solutions

The TAS-5000 is easily transported in a HMMWV, set-up in a shelter, and may operate remotely.

Tracking systems are available with full transmit and receive capability and can be configured with built-in RF and GPS tracking capability. Like all BMS Tracking Antenna systems, the TAS series share a common interface with BMA and GTA/TTA Tracking Antennas and use BMS’ Multi-Control Point application software for monitoring and control functionality. The TAS series antennas are easy to operate and require minimum operator intervention. Products are offered with broad frequency coverage for enhanced tactical options.

TAS Gain Selection Options

Dish Size L-Band S-Band Lower C-Band Upper C-Band Ku-Band
2′ x 4′ Truncated 21 dBi 23 dBi 29 dBi 32 dBi Consult Factory
3′ x 6′ Truncated 25 dBi 26 dBi 33 dBi 35 dBi Consult Factory
4′ Parabolic 24 dBi 25 dBi 32 dBi 33 dBi Consult Factory
6′ Parabolic 27 dBi 29 dBi 35 dBi 38 dBi Consult Factory

Note: Frequency can be changed by swapping Feed Horn. Gain can be changed by swapping Reflector and Feed Horn.


TAS-5000 Datasheet | 962kb

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