BDCx000 Block Downconverters

Block Downconverters

Rackmount and Inline Options

Providing high performance DENG reception has become increasingly challenging within today’s congested frequency bands. A key feature of the BDC products is the ability to achieve very high levels of sensitivity and maintain this performance when operating close to other higher powered transmitters using similar frequencies.

Single Block Downconverter

The single block downconverter delivers a wide operational bandwidth and has been designed to survive in the harshest RF and physical environments.

TSx0x0 ASI Transport Switch

ASI Transport Switch (TS Series)

Switching Unit for Cellular Reception

The field approved TSx0x0 adds an easily configured switching unit for cellular reception to the award winning receiver solutions offered by BMS. Reliable and rugged, the TSx0x0 provides connectivity between single receive sites. It supports coaxial cable, fiber, connection via IP and digital microwave, and offers a ASI transportstream switch with switchable configuration for 1 x 4 Input – 1 Output, or 2 x 2 Input – 2 Output.

DLC50 Downlink Control Panel


Downlink Control Panel

The DLC50 gives the aircraft operator unprecedented flexibility and full control of any BMS digital microwave system.  Available with or without actuator control and NVIS compatible display.  Currently releasing a new DLC50 version that will be NVIS luminance compliant with cockpit dimming circuit.  Twenty presets and three definable “hot keys” make operation a breeze.  An all-weather model is also available.

TAA-101 / TAA-101S Aircraft Transmit Antenna and Actuator System

TAA-101 / TAA-101S

Aircraft Transmit Antenna and Actuator System

This dependable low cost antenna is skid mounted, or can be fixed to the belly of the aircraft, and employs an omnidirectional antenna that provides 360° of azimuth coverage. Breakaway release mechanisms assure safety in case the helicopter lands with the antenna still down in the deployed mode.

BMA-7100 Tracking Antenna Systems


Pan & Tilt Pedestal

Designed for heavy-duty operation with 360-degree pan rotation. It features all-metal gearing, EMI gaskets, an aluminum housing with a powder coat finish and a stainless steel base and external hardware. The BMA-7100 comes with a heater to seal against water and dust penetration. 100lbs (45.4kg) load capacity, with resolvers for position feedback and motor tachometers for speed control also included.

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