Medium Range UAVs

Not every UAV platform has the luxury of a large payload capacity.   When every ounce counts, BMS is there with a solution.

The MTxx33 2W transmitter from BMS weighs in at just 11 oz.  The light weight doesn’t come at the expense of key features.  The transmitter features  linear RF power output, H.264 encoding capability, and 1080p30 HD capability all fit within the small 4.8″ x 2.5″ frame.

For those users who only need to receive video, and are not actively controlling the UAV, a Carry-Viewer™ Handheld 2-way Diversity Receiver can be used.

While standalone receivers are always an option, BMS understands that most end users want one interface to both control the aircraft and view the incoming data.  Because of this preference, BMS offers the SPRITE-PRO Two-Way Diversity COFDM Receiver in both a standalone and an OEM packaging.  The SPRITE-PRO offers two HDMI outputs, HD/SD-SDI, and NTSC/PAL video outputs as well as a streaming Ethernet output.  A selectable DC bias on the two SMA inputs allows for the use of amplified antennas.

The receive antennas selected greatly affect the system’s transmit range capabilities; depending on the antennas the MTxx33VHD – SPRITE-PRO combination is capable of anywhere from half-mile to 20 mile links.