Long Range UAVs

The days of manned aerial surveillance in combat are long gone; UAVs reign supreme over today’s battlefield.  With the pilot removed from the aircraft, a powerful and reliable video link becomes necessary to keep the personnel well behind the front line.  With over 10 years of experience with civilian digital downlinks, and over 7 years of experience providing video & data links to multiple players in the UAV industry, BMS has a solution for aerial platforms large and small.

Naturally, large UAV platforms offer the most flexibility.  An increased payload availability, increased flight time, and increased power budget make it easy to fit a downlink in such an aircraft.  Fortunately,  downlink solutions from BMS don’t require such accommodation.  The Heli-Coder 4 (HC4) COFDM Downlink Transmitter from BMS weighs less than 6 lbs., and has a total volume of 270in.3 (5”x9”x6”).

The MTD-4 Digital Tracking Antenna offers an excellent ground receive companion to the HC4.  Quick to assemble & set up, and easily man-portable, the MTD-4 utilizes GPS tracking technology to ensure that the best possible performance from a single receive antenna.  The robust and field-proven technology behind the MTD-4 allows for a 50+ mile operating radius, given suitable line-of-sight and environmental conditions.