BMS LiveFeed Systems

BMS LiveFeed Systems get your wireless downlink video and data to your users – where ever they are, what ever screen they are using.

BMS LiveFeed Systems provide a modular, highly scalable solution for distributing video and metadata to managed users with access to any IP network – whether on a LAN, via the Internet, or over wireless networks. Video can be made available to nearly any device from a TV monitor, to computer screens, and mobile devices like tablets and smart phones. With powerful yet easy to manage interfaces, BMS LiveFeed systems will ingest a wide range of video sources, from low resolution security video to full 1080p HD and encode for streaming across IP and mobile networks.

BMS LiveFeed systems leverage the capabilities of 3 building blocks to solve any video distribution challenge.

  • LiveFeed Encoders – Rugged, low latency, encoding appliances
  • LiveFeed Portal – IP Video channel and user administration server suite
  • LiveFeed Mobile Streaming Servers – A scalable blade-server solution to provide real-time access for mobile devices over 3G, 4G  and LTE wireless networks.

Combining these system components, the BMS LiveFeed system can address the needs of nearly any IP Video distribution requirement from networking the video from a single receive site to a central operations center, to managing the requirements of a regional downlink network across multiple agencies and departments with thousands of users.