Mobile Command Vehicle

At long-term events, whether it be a standoff or a multi-day festival, a central command post is necessary. Many agencies address this with a mobile command post, and no mobile command post is complete without a video downlink receiver from BMS.

By installing a DiversaPod receive antenna system on a telescoping mast, many line-of-sight issues encountered in urban environments can be overcome; this greatly enhances the performance and reliability of a video downlink in downtown or high-rise environments. The DiversaPod, in combination with a DR6000 MK2, offers an excellent mobile command vehicle solution. The DR6000 MK2 offers Standard Definition or High Definition outputs, as appropriate, as well as ASI transport streams over IP for streaming video. GPS data output also allows for aircraft location monitoring.

DI outputs (with embedded audio) in addition to CVBS output, analog audio, and ASI transport streams over IP.