Marine Receive Systems

Smugglers, pirates, and drug runners do not operate strictly on land.  Port and maritime security is equally important, and BMS recognizes the need for downlink monitoring in domestic waters.

Depending on the watercraft size and configuration, two receive solutions exist.  For smaller, open cabin craft where the radio operator is exposed to the elements, a receive system centered around the Mobile-Viewer™ LE and DLC50-M control panel offers a Standard Definition sea spray-resistant receive solution with a minimal installation footprint.

For larger craft that offer enclosed cabins, a roof mounted DiversaPod receive antenna system and DR6000 MK2 Six-Way Diversity UHF receiver offers a higher-gain antenna solution than is available with the Mobile-Viewer™ LE solution.  In addition to higher gain, the DR6000 MK2 solution adds High Definition capability and IP output to the capabilities of the Mobile-Viewer™ LE.