Fixed Receive Site

Portable receive sites work wonders for wireless cameras and short distance shots, but the long shots back to the studio require more muscle.

Fixed receive sites from BMS create the backbone of a broadcast microwave network. The combination of the DR6000 MK2 Six-Way Diversity UHF receiver with VLA series High-Gain Panel Antennas (and an optional Silhouette GPS Tracking Antenna) enables HD coverage of a large metropolitan area. Building out a network of multiple receive sites around a city allows for increased coverage, where a single receive site will suffer from RF blockage, or “shadowing”, from skyscrapers, terrain, and environmental conditions.

Each receive site is capable of outputting SDI (with embedded audio), CVBS, Analog Audio, and ASI over IP for standard definition transmission, or HD-SDI (with embedded audio), Analog Audio, and ASI over IP for high definition transmission.