Duma Video Solutions

Duma Video low latency, low power solutions assure the best sound and video quality for your professional applications:

Video Conferencing

  • Quality images with real lip synchronization contribute to a realistic experience

RF Camera Link

  • Duma offers very low latency, low power, and small footprint in multiple angles applications, including sky cameras.

Satellite Video Link

  • When Broadcast Requires High Reliability & Low Latency

Industrial Video Control

  • High precision and ultra high frame rate allow applications in which real time high quality video must be delivered for instant remote monitoring and control.

Remote Surveillance

  • Duma Video low latency, low power solutions have been proven to be a robust, reliable, fail safe technology for mission critical applications.

Akali IP

  • Akali IP FPGA cores are optimized for very low latency video compression. The high density design allows for a single FPGA compression design, reducing overall system costs and power consumption.