The new Downlink Control Panel is designed to give the aircraft operator full control of any BMS digital microwave system. The DLC50 universally controls either the Heli-Coder II (HCII) or the new Heli-Coder III. As a replacement for the HCP-50 Series, the DLC50 occupies the same 1.5” of vertical space and easily retrofits into HCII systems using a short accessory adapter cable (DLC-JMPR). The new, bright OLED display is visible even when using polarized glasses. Twenty presets and three definable “hot keys” make operation a breeze.

As the control center for BMS Heli-Coders, the DLC50 offers flexibility not available until now. The panel offers two levels of control. The top or simple level is for normal operation, providing a limited, definable, control set that simplifies day to day operations. A second level allows complete configuration and adjustment of transmit or relay (transmit/receive) downlink functions.

The usual controls are still there such as preset select*, channel select*, and transmit off/on. But now other useful controls such as encryption on/off/key change, receiver control, filter and external relay control are all immediately available. Channel and frequency plans can be quickly loaded through the front panel USB 2.0 port*.
DLC50-M All Weather Model: For BMS digital receive and transmit systems in harsh environments. Operates on 12 VDC for boat and wheeled vehicle installations. Typically programmed to control a Mobile-Viewer (MV-LE) diversity receiver but may be programmed to control most BMS digital receivers and transmitters. Splash resistant front panel, bright OLED display, programmable soft keys, simple rotary control for all functions, USB port (on rear of chassis) for software upgrades and other programming. Order connecting cable separately according to length and device to be controlled.