BMS will be in Las Vegas at NAB 2016 in Central Hall booth #C7121  highlighting its license-free COFDM low latency wireless  video systems which include transmitters, antennas, receivers, and accessories – everything needed to deliver robust long range live wireless video. BMS systems provide reliable – real-time HD views of what the camera is capturing even in the most challenging wireless conditions.

The BMS 5.8GHz Video Assist Camera Kit pairs a license free NT5723MH transmitter with our advanced Carry- Viewer 4 (CV4) digital touchscreen receiver/monitor along with all the accessories needed to offer a complete broadcast quality wireless solution – fully license-free – for covering video assist applications. Wireless video kit configurations using the modular half-rack xDR2000 receiver are also available.

BMS is a StoneCalibre company headquartered in Poway, CA USA with an additional sales and service center in Taunusstein, Germany. BMS is the recognized leader in professional wireless video solutions with over 33 years’ experience providing flexible and robust wireless video systems for the broadcast industry.  BMS delivers a portfolio of leading-edge systems that serve a diverse and professional customer base. The Company’s reputation for both industry-leading products and premier customer service has established BMS as the leaders in professional real-time wireless video and in video links for the high-growth commercial UAV market.

Visit BMS at Booth #C7121 for your professional wireless video needs!

Poway, California  Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc. (BMS) starts 2012 by announcing its next generation airborne transmitter, the Heli-Coder 4 (HC4). The product is designed for fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, and is small enough that it can also be used in watercraft, land, unmanned air or ground vehicle applications. Among the new technological features in the HC4 are:

1. Transmits HD (high definition) or SD (standard definition) video;
2. Offers choice of video compression using H.264 or MPEG-2 to be compatible with existing receive site equipment;
3. Configurable Ethernet port for transmitting streaming IP (Internet protocol) data;
4. GPS (global positioning system) receiver and data interface for tracking and mapping purposes;
5. 10 W RF output power in a compact case, only 5″ W x 9″ D x 6″ H (127 x 229 x 153 mm);
6. Geo-Point capable: Geo-Point is BMS proprietary receive site software that uses metadata from the aircraft video camera to display at the receiver, the bearing and distance of the target video location from the compatible BMS receiver.

BMS President and General Manager, Graham Bunney, commented on the announcement, saying, “With the HC4, BMS once again advances the state of the art for the airborne transmitter market for law enforcement, surveillance and broadcast applications. With more and more customers demanding HD transmission, the HC4 provides the latest in H.264 compression technology with an option to include MPEG-2 compression to maintain backwards compatibility and investment protection to existing legacy products. In addition, the HC4s Ethernet port can be configured to transmit high data rate IP, or to multiplex the IP data in with the compressed video. This is important in todays multi-sensor environment.”

Broadcast Microwave Services, Inc. (BMS) has introduced a new downlink control panel, model DLC50. The new product advances avionics technology in aircraft used for law enforcement, surveillance, and other applications employing a video downlink system. At only 1.5 high, the DLC50 is a drop-in replacement for BMS HCP-50 to control existing BMS digital or analog downlink systems.

A single DLC50 can control a transmitter, receiver, antenna actuator, RF power amplifier, and several external relays. Transmitter and receiver control is accomplished via dedicated or shared serial ports. Direct configuration of receiver and transmitter is also available via a pass-through serial port located on the DLC50 front panel. Two DLC50s can be connected together to accommodate more than one operator in the aircraft. Among the DLC50s other features are:
•    Large, high-contrast OLED display (readable with polarized glasses)
•    Automatic microwave filter relay switching
•    Easy manual encryption key entry
•    USB port for flash drive updates (program, configuration, channel plans, encryption keys, etc.)
•    User programmable soft-keys for commonly used functions
•    Menus easily customizable for easy access to commonly used functions
•    20 advanced DLC presets plus transmitter internal presets
•    NVIS option available; MIL-STD-3009 Class B compatible
•    Mounting plate dimensions and fastener locations compliant to MS25212C
•    Ruggedized input power conditioning meeting DO-160, MIL-STD-704, and EN2282.

Commenting on the DLC50 introduction, BMS President, Graham Bunney, said, We listened to our customers who asked for an easy to use, easy to read control panel that could incorporate an option for NVIS capability, and BMS has responded with the new DLC50 downlink control panel. Aircraft operators will find the new unit operates very similar to other avionics in the cockpit and will therefore be very intuitive and familiar.

About BMS:
BMS, a Cohu company (NASDAQ: COHU; ) and a leader in COFDM microwave transmission, designs, develops, manufactures, and sells microwave transmission systems. BMS has a broad range of microwave communication products and systems developed for news and entertainment, law enforcement, unmanned aerial vehicles, and military surveillance applications. For more information on all of BMS products, visit our website at .
Europe and Asia: Reinhard Kuehn, ; 49 (6124) 7239 22

The new BMS wireless SD & HD solution with maximum freedom in your application
BMS Europe, one of the leading providers of wireless digital microwave technology, introduces the latest generation of innovative wireless video transmission solutions: NT Product Family.

Wherever size, weight, speed and reliability are critical for daily digital ENG, OB applications and live events project manager rely on wireless BMS state-of-the-art technology.

BMS systems integrate ultra small size, low power consumption, SD/HD capability into a complete one-of-a-kind video transmission solution. With cutting-edge technology BMS is representing the high end COFDM microwave solution available for Broadcast, Security and Military applications.

The latest transmitters are single chip electronic devices utilizing high-tech low power FPGA’s (Field Programmable Gate Arrays). By using FPGA?s we have the flexibility to tailor certain parameters to customer needs. MPEG-2 algorithms are currently the preferred compression method, but expect video production to switch to H.264 shortly! The change to H.264 will be easily supported through firmware upgrades to BMS products and thus protect your investment for the future.

Lines of business, such as the film and video industry or law enforcement have an increasing demand for small, lightweight and cost efficient live monitoring units. BMS has released the NTxx23HD series, currently the smallest HD transmitter available in the world to provide more freedom in HD roaming during live events and film productions.
With operations in the United States and Europe BMS offers a global presence and a world wide distribution network of business partners. With production facilities in California and Germany BMS Systems are designed and manufactured in-house with more than 25 years of experience.

BMS provides complete solutions for microwave systems from a single wireless link to full city-wide coverage using its famous receiver diversity networks in addition with ASI switching as a second level diversity. The ability to customise products for specialised applications is daily business since more than 20 years.

Europe and Asia: Rainer Horn; Managing Director BMS Europe;; +49 (6124) 7239 15

North America: Reinhard Khn; Vice President Business Development BMS Inc.,; +49 (6124) 7239 22

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